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Recruiting and Building Your Sales Network

No matter how big of a guru you are and how well you optimize your website, with all the advantages of Internet your income will still have limits because you will not be the only one on the market selling our services.

To make more money you will need to increase the number of shops.

The terms of our affiliate program allow to create several online shops to increase your sales, but instead of serious effort to promote and maintain your new shop you can sign up a new affiliate and help him/her learn to do the same thing you do. When your affiliates start selling you will receive up to 16% commission from their sales!

Moreover, our Compensation Plan has a multilevel structure and you can receive commission both from your direct affiliates AND from affiliates working under them. This very structure is the key to your income's infinite growth!

Remember that before inviting someone to join your sales network you will need to create and promote your own Internet shop so that your future affiliates have an example to learn from.

Whom to Sign Up

There is no ultimate recipe or technique that could help invite new affiliates. This work is tedious and requires ability to communicate with people, ability to understand their needs, ability to motivate, and it has to be done. There are three target categories to consider when signing up new affiliates:

  1. webmasters of existing websites
  2. beginner e-merchants
  3. team leaders who would direct the first two categories in their work

Inviting Webmasters of Existing Websites

The sign-up process can be virtually divided into 3 stages:

  1. Finding the right websites
    The perfect affiliate website is a non-commercial, topic-oriented website with good visitors traffic. Usually these sites exist by advertising on their pages and participating in affiliate programs. Commercial websites would also be good for this purpose provided that they sell goods from neighboring areas. You can find such websites through web catalogs and popular search engines.
  2. Composing invitation letters
    It is very important to compose a good invitation letter that would receive candidate's immediate attention. Stress the uniqueness of your offer, its advantages, give examples of average and maximum earnings in this affiliate program. The letter should be as personal as possible and have nothing in common with junk mail! You don't have to compose a new letter every time, but in your letter template you must mention information relative to the website you are dealing with (URL, the name of the owner/administrator, website's audience, earnings potential, etc.)
  3. Sending letters and communicating
    According to statistics one or two out of every 30 letters will get a reply (three replies if the letter is well composed). It is necessary to immediately write a polite and tactful follow-up message, even if the response you received was negative. Experience shows that if you received a response from a website that expressed interest, it is very likely to become an affiliate – you just need to carefully lead the other party to making a positive decision.

Inviting Beginner E-merchants

The sign-up process for beginner e-merchants also has 3 stages, but the search for affiliates is done through topic-oriented or general discussion groups, by posting on message boards or e-mailing the other party personally. When composing a letter stress the following points:

  • program's simplicity
  • no financial risks
  • availability of simple yet effective set of business tools
  • your personal support

Inviting Team Leaders

This strategy comes down to finding those with excellent people skills and a big circle of contacts. When talking to such people it is necessary to stress the following:

  • availability of educational and technical support from the company
  • opportunity to receive commissions from infinite levels of their sales network
  • low sales minimum to qualify for commission. It can be fulfilled by purchasing a $50 phone card and using it for personal calls.

Such person would be able to make less or no personal sales and concentrate all efforts on developing his/her own affiliate network.

Working with Your Sponsor

Very often beginner affiliates fail to build their sales network and lose faith in this opportunity. Usually it happens because new affiliates have not rehearsed presentation of the program and lack experience in talking to different types of people. The way out of this is to work closely with your SPONSOR – the very person who invited you into the affiliate program. Sponsor can assist with training and acquiring necessary skills for successful recruitment of your affiliates!

When you just start out as an affiliate, do not attempt to recruit people all by yourself, get your direct sponsor involved in this process. Your sponsor is personally interested in your growth and increase in your sales. When you talk to your candidate do not tell every detail about the affiliate program. Instead, simply tell him that you know someone who teaches how to make money online, and that he has already helped you to make money. Offer him an opportunity to meet with your sponsor and ask for a phone number. Once you receive the phone number pass it to your sponsor and wait... wait for your friend to call you with questions on how to start working! Even if your friend says "NO", it will be your sponsor who will hear it, not you!

Also, ask your sponsor to record this conversation in mp3 format. A collection of such conversations will give you huge experience on how to behave in similar situations. Shortly afterwards, you will able to carry out conversations yourself and help your affiliates build their networks by conducting first interviews for them!

A Few More Tips

All our affiliates have an opportunity to carry out recruitment interviews using the same phone cards which we sell on the market. When you call people in other countries you demonstrate the quality of the product in action – a very good marketing move!

Although the affiliate program is conducted entirely online, try to combine Internet means of communications with live conversation. As we have mentioned earlier - call, don't e-mail your sponsor and affiliate members. Live voice communication is the key to creating a large network.

Try to bring a game element into your organization's work. Even though most of your affiliates have grown up, they won't mind participating in a contest if the prizes are good.

Example of a contest:

You determine the prize and dates of the contest. The task is to create a new Internet shop and make the most profit within given time. This will help participants gain more experience, increase your group sales, the number of shops, and the income of all affiliates!

Always support your affiliates and help each one make as much money as possible in the shortest possible time! This will increase your income too!

This manual is regularly updated. Do not forget to check the Education section often.