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Link Popularity

The term Link popularity is used when defining how many other websites link to your website. The more pages link to you, the higher is your link popularity. For instance, a webmaster named John Smith has created a web page where he put "Microsoft business software" in bold letters, and optimized it by following all instructions. But when someone enters "microsoft" into the search engine's form, Microsoft's official website will come up first. This happens because Microsoft is a well-known company and a lot of websites link to it. No one knows John Smith and nobody links to his website as a credible source. That is why link popularity is also very important. Of course, when you just start out, your link popularity will be next to zero. But, as your website gets listed in the catalogs (we'll get to it later), your link popularity will grow and eventually you will be able to compete with other websites on popular search queries. Another way of increasing your link popularity is by exchanging links. To do that, you must find a website that specializes in the area similar to yours. It would be desirable if such website had good traffic, but be careful – will not be willing to exchange links with you. Send a letter to website's owner proposing link exchange between your websites, and be willing to list his website on your pages. This way you improve your search engine rank and at the same time receive more visitors who come to you from places you exchanged links with. Among the rest, consider the fact that many search engines take into account the content of hyperlinked text. So, if your website's name is "Cheap cards", then the hyperlinked text "cheap calling cards" will do a better job of improving your rank vs. text that says "one more good website".

We already have ready-to-use ad banners and text links which can be found in our Tools section. These are good to be used when you do not have your own advertising materials. We recommend that you compose your own slogans, banners and descriptions which go well with domain name of your website. It will be to your advantage, since frequent usage of the same advertising materials can make your website identical to others and response to such promotion will be lower.

Of course, you should make your own advertising only if you possess strong knowledge of English and know your product well. If your advertising contains incorrect information or has a lot of typos, it can have a very negative impact on your shop's reputation and the number of customers. services are targeted at American market in the first place, therefore try to attract customers who are U.S. citizens or at least are U.S. immigrants from other countries. At the same time, try to create an impression that the website was created by a native speaker of English.

For best results we recommend that you place your links everywhere where it is possible, including places where advertising goes well with the content. Mostly recommended are text links (hyperlinked text) inserted directly into website's content. According to statistics, this kind of advertising is the most effective because it is treated as a friendly advice. Besides text links you may also place banners and export blocks as advertisements. The same statistics claim that visitors have recently started to pay more attention to export blocks, because graphics banners were born on the same day with WWW and everyone is tired of it. This doesn't mean, though, that banners are completely out of the question: it is good to combine all types of advertising on your website, since reaction to different types of commercial varies from person to person.

After placing links to your website you shouldn't expect an immediate flow of customers – client base is usually built over time. Many visitors will remember your website and will return when they make another purchase. Most people are satisfied with the quality services we provide and soon become our loyal customers.