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Personal Domain

Why Having a Domain Name Is Important

If you want to raise your shop's status and seriously increase sales, it is vital that you begin creating your own brand. An important step in this process is registration of a second-level domain for your shop .

This will give your shop:

  • significantly higher status, as your customers will no longer think of your shop as a's affiliate.
  • improved indexing with search engines – your site will be easier to find on the Internet
  • additional value of a well-marketed domain name (with the right approach to promotion)


Buying a domain name nowadays is not hard or expensive as some may think; you can find domain names for under $10 per year.

If you are going to have (or already have) a domain name, you don't have to worry about hosting. We will connect the domain to your affiliate shop absolutely free of charge.

Choosing the Right Domain Name

Selecting the Words

The important part in purchasing a domain is choosing the right domain name. Your domain name must reflect the purpose of the website, so that visitors would have an idea about it before even entering your shop. Your domain name pretty much determines whether a visitor will want to see your website.

It is recommended that your domain name contain a word or a phrase in English (since most customers are Americans) that would reflect the area to which your shop belongs. As you will be selling phone cards, your domain name should somehow describe that. For example, you can use such words as "phone", "card", "calling", "prepaid", "telephone", "call", "calls", "worldwide", "service", etc. Other "versatile" words you can use are "get", "cheap", "easy", "cool", "online".

Creating a New Name

Use of spaces in a domain name is not allowed, so if your name consists of more than one word they can be written either as one string ( ) or a hyphenated string ( ). The first example is easier to memorize and to type in, whereas the second example is better if you expect most of your customers to find your website through search engines – separate words receive better indexation and this makes your shop easier to find.

Free software like Domain Name Analyzer can be a good helper when choosing a domain name. It will do all the "dirty job" of trying different combinations of words that make up a domain name, checking their availability and creating a list of available ones. The only thing after that would be to register the domain name you like most.