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It is very important that your website has a professional look. If it looks non-professional, a prospective customer may simply leave your website before the page finishes loading.

We provide several professional-looking, ready-to-use web page templates for you to choose from, which you can use in your shop's design. You can even experiment with different ones to see which one works better in your case.

Clearly, it is best to create a custom-designed website. If you do not possess professional web designing skills, we recommend that you turn to a design studio for support, or use our readily available web page templates. It is considered a common courtesy for all pages to have identical design, therefore you can use one template for all of your pages. Examples of websites where such templates can be obtained include Template, where templates start at just $19 each. But there are places where you can get them free, for instance, This is a source with more than 300 free templates to choose from!

Now let's turn to the contents of your website, or, more properly, web content. A website should be aimed at U.S. customers since they are the main consumers of our services. This means that a website should be in English. There are cases when it makes sense to create a website in another language, Russian, for example, if you are making a website targeting the Russian-speaking immigrant audience. If your English is not up to level, you may use online translators like Babel Fish. Such translations may not be ideal from grammatical and stylistic viewpoint, but it is the best solution if you cannot afford professional translation services.

Subject of your website. Maybe you want to create a website dedicated to traveling, or automobiles, or comic books, and place advertising on your website as additional content. This is the ideal situation for selling our services, because you already have your target audience. A thing to remember here is to think ahead and calculate which type of audience would be interested in purchasing phone cards more. For example, a website for travelers would attract more phone card buyers than a website dedicated to comic books.

But what do you do if you plan to just sell phone cards? Which audience should you target? Generally, potential buyers of phone cards are all middle class U.S. citizens. Calling cards have proved to be most popular with the following categories: U.S. men seeking marriage with foreign women, people who regularly travel across the U.S.A., companies which export goods outside the U.S., long distance truck drivers, and people concerned about their privacy – those who don't want anyone to know about their calls. The final decision about your target audience belongs to you.

So, if you have decided to sell just phone cards, you may use content from our ComFi website as a reference, i.e. our price list, FAQs, services description, calling instructions, etc. Please do not copy our website's entire content and design, use your own creativity. All information on our website is correct and is updated regularly, so you shouldn't write anything on your own behalf, especially when you advertise non-existent discounts or prices that are below the selling price. Such false advertising stains our company's reputation, and we break relationships with affiliates who employ such methods. If you need additional information about our services, you can simply send us an e-mail request to: and we will do everything to assist you.