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Referral Links

You receive a commission from every new customer's purchase placed through your link and within 3 months you receive a commission from every subsequent purchase.

Use your Affiliate ID in link code for us to be able to track your commission properly. You receive your personal Affiliate ID (AID) upon registration.

For example your AID = 53533. (Please sign in to see your true Affiliate ID)

For example:

<a href=>Your Link Text</a>

Referral Links for Attracting New Participants

You can add an additional URL to your link, in that case a user will be redirected to the page of your choice instead of homepage.

For example:

<a href="">Calling Cards</a>

See a complete list of our websites. You can place links to any of them.

More examples:

<a href="">Phone Cards</a>

<a href="">
Check out great rates from UK to Australia

<a href="">
World Unlimited VoIP Phone Service

Using Tracking Image

Insert the following tracking image script into your html code and use direct referral links. Using Tracking Image makes your links look more professional and easy to read.

<img src="" width=1 height=1>


<img src="" width=1 height=1 alt="">

<a href="">Calling Cards</a>

<a href="">Great Phone Cards</a>

<a href="">Broadband Phone Service"</a>

<a href=>PC to Phone Service"</a>

<a href=">Connect two Phones anywhere in the World</a>

<a href=">Get your own USA toll-free number</a>

Hiding Your Affiliate Code in the Referral Link

Some visitors do not use links if they notice an affiliate code in them. You can use the following technology to hide the affiliate code of your referral link:

<a href= OnMouseOver="window.status=''; return true">Buy Card on Comfi</a>

Referral Links on your Own Shop

Notice: You do not need to use your Affiliate ID in links placed on your Own Shop. Simply use direct referral links. For example:

<a href="">Broadband Phone Service</a>

Testing Your Referral Links

More Text Links Examples

<a href=>Phone cards with the best rates and quality</a>

Do you want to call from the US to Europe with lowest rates? <a href=>Now you can do it for 2.0c/min</a>

I found a good website. You can buy a phone card and call Everywhere much cheaper <a href=>The site is here.</a>

See Banners page for the list of sample banners.

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