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How to work with referral links

Examples of referral link and banner

When you register with the ComFi Affiliate Program, you receive your unique Affiliate ID (AID).

For example your AID = 53533. (Please sign in to see your true Affiliate ID)

Your referral link should look like this:

<a href="">Advertisement</a>

and a banner would look like this:

<a href=""><img border=0 src=banner_address></a>

Before you compose your ad please take time to collect all information about our products and services.

You can also use banner advertisement in addition to your referral links to our websites. This increases the page rank of your shop (more about that in Link Popularity section).

More information about referral links and banners

Increase number of ad clicks to number of ad impressions ratio

Increasing your CTR (click-through rate – number of clicks to number of ad impressions ratio) remains the most important factor in running a successful affiliate business on the Internet. The more clicks your website receives, the higher is your profit.

If you promote your business by using only banner advertisement, you may lose a large portion of clicks that could turn into profit in the future.

Statistics show that banner advertisements have a lower CTR than text links. Banners do stand out well on your web pages, but they increase the page load time and can distract visitors of your website. Text links could prove to be more successful in promotion.

Text link is a very brief description of the program, product or service provided by an advertiser and which links to the advertiser's website.

For example:
If you would like to have information on how to start your online business free, please click here. In this text the words "click here" is a hyperlink that forwards users to the advertiser's website.

Usage of text links gives several advantages. The most important one is that percentage of clicks on text links is significantly higher than for banner ads.

Another example to prove this is an extract from actual website statistics during one hour period:

  • Banner advertisement: 109 impressions / 5 clicks
  • Text link: 109 impressions / 54 clicks

  • Banner ad: Amount of products sold – 2. Profit – $2
  • Text link: Amount of products sold – 22. Profit – $22

Your daily earnings from these ads could be:

  • Banner advertising: $48 daily
  • Text links: $528 daily

Your actual earning statistics may vary significantly from the one shown here, but one thing remains unchanged – text links receive more clicks than banners.

If you insist on using banners, consider using our interactive banners and export blocks, i.e. the ones that include a rate finder form. Such banners normally generate twice as many clicks as regular banner ads.

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