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Program Overview

Banners and Links – the Easy Way to Start a Business!

Attract customers to our websites using referral links and banners from your website, your electronic signatures, classifieds – anywhere you feel appropriate. Just make sure that you are not using any technologies which do not comply with the ComFi Affiliate Program Rules.

A customer is considered to be yours when he/she came to our site through your link and registered.You receive commision from all purchases made during 100 days from the customer's registration.

Referral Program features:

  1. Highest commissions! More details

  2. Wide choice of links and banners: a variety of advertising materials to choose from. Choose the links that suit your website design and layout.

  3. High visitors-to-customers conversion rate. Average Referral Link CR is 20-25%. The main reason for such a high CR is that the entire purchase and product delivery process is conducted online within a couple of minutes (customers receive card's PIN via e-mail).

With the "Refferal Link" program your earn twice as much compared to the RemoteShop Program.

You can always choose to engage in both Referral Link Program and Internet Shop Program to maximize your income. In addition, you can earn even more by recruiting new resellers all over the world, making it your global reseller network.

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